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Chapter 8: The Diary

"Trixie's diary," Inkblot said to himself. He had only seen it in the hospital, and hadn't thought of it much since, but now he had it, hand-delivered to him. Suddenly, he wanted to read it ten times as much as he had before. It was right there. Ready for him to dive into its leather bindings and read whatever was in it.

"Um...before you start reading, would you mind letting me go?" came a weak voice from behind the unicorn. He turned around to see Franklin still pinned down by his magic. Inkblot knew that he was a friend and didn't have any memory suppresant with him, so he let him go, letting him sag to the ground. "Thanks. Being held by magic sure is uncomfortable."

"Tell me about it," the pale unicorn, remembering his experience earlier that day. "So, did Trixie give you this?"

"Yeah. We're friends, but please don't ask me any questions until after you've read that diary. It'll clear a lot of things up and save me some breath."

"OK," the pony said as he opened the book. The first page was different from the other, serving as a handwritten note from Trixie. He used his magic to pull it out and read it.

"Dear Inkblot,

I figured I should give you this to explain some things. First of all, there are things you should know. I was a member of the HPIRT. Only for a short period, though. In fact, I only remember a small fragment of it, which is the part where I quit.

By the time you read this, The Great and Powerful Trixie will be no more. I plan to completely change my image and create a new life for myself. Do not try to remind me of this previous life if you ever do find me. It would defeat the purpose of what I'm doing.

Inkblot, I know about how I kissed you that night on the hill. I read it in the diary you're holding. I'm sure that you feel honored that the Great and Powerful Trixie shares the same affection you feel for me. It is but a shame I never told you until now. Especially considering the consequences.

These are the last words of the Great and Powerful Trixie. May my memory be left behind to a colt who loved me before I was famous. A colt who knows the truth. A colt like you, Inkblot. May it not be shared with any other pony. So long Equestria. I will still behold your beauty, but no longer as the Great and Powerful Trixie."

Inkblot was speechless. She was gone? What did she mean by "no longer as the Great an Powerful Trixie"? As quick as the pale unicorn's mind was racing, trying to comprehend what he had read, he knew that if he kept reading, he'd find out what was going on. Either way, Franklin said that he wouldn't give him answers.

He turned past the note to find that a majority of the pages had been ripped out, probably to secure the rest of her life with privacy. He read the first available page:

"September 1st, 2010

Today, I arrived in Ponyville, preparing to give a show tomorrow. While here, I caught up with Inkblot, an old friend from school. He's still as cute as I remember him.  

But it turns out that I had a very interesting day. After lunch with Inkblot, I encountered a pair of shady creatures. They said I had to keep them secret, but this diary is more than safe.

Turns out it was a pair of humans!!!! I didn't think they existed until this point. They gave me a strange request, though. They knew I was going to do a show tomorrow, and they asked me to tell everypony that I had slayed an Ursa Major, in exchange for a show in the Royal Theatre. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, so I took it! They also warned me about a group of neighsayers that would be in the audience. It was all odd, but they told me to not tell anypony about them under any circumstances, or else they'd wipe everypony's memories. So I don't plan on telling everypony.

Tomorrow's the show, and I hope it to be successful."

Inkblot turned the page, suppressing his nearly endless stream of questions, reassuring himself that they would be answered. There were only a few answers so far, most of which just gave him more of the nagging questions.

"September 2, 2010

Well, the show was a success. I dealt with the neighsayers with great ease. They were arrogant, some were prissy, and some were downright intolerable. I assumed the humans sent them to do so. Why they did I cannot fathom, but at least they kept up their end of the bargain. On the day after tomorrow, I will be performing in the Royal Theatre. I'm very excited!

Of course, while I followed up with the humans, I asked some questions. I figured out that our life in Ponyville was being watched, recorded, and broadcasted. I say this like it's stalking all of Equestria, but it's not. It revolves around only eventful things, and it mainly shows the lives of six specific ponies. Three of which were the neighsayers. I don't know why they did it, but they said I'd find out in due time. After revealing to them that I didn't want memories to be taken, they offered me a job with them. They said it was a part of some organization called the HPIRT, which stood for Human-Pony Interaction Removal Team. I joined, knowing that I'd be protecting the memories of ponies everywhere, and more than likely get perks similar to the one I received today.

After catching up with my new co-workers, I caught up with my new fans. Inkblot did say hi, which was nice, but then these two obnoxious little colts suddenly started to treat me like a goddess (which was fine since I got a smoothie out of it). I won't lie, I was feeling a little bodacious (if that's the right word to use) during my performance, but apparently the little colts loved it.

So, a good show, a pass to perform another show in front of Royalty, and a couple new fans. Overall, this has been a great day.


I can't believe it. Those dirty humans set me up! They made me say that I conquered an Ursa Major, when I really hadn't! And guess what? They managed to get an Ursa Major(actually it was just a baby) to attack the town! Apparently, they sent the two little twerps to go get it from the Everfree Forest. Then everypony turned to me to defeat it. I clearly couldn't handle it! So I admitted defeat and, as part of my job in the HPIRT, I couldn't tell anypony the truth. So they got the main character Twilight Sparkle to save the day, instead. They used me! They played me for a fool and ruined my reputation as the Great and Powerful Trixie!!!

I ran out of town to try and find the humans to give them a piece of my mind, but following me was Inkblot. He comforted me and made me feel incredible, like I was back on top of the world. Looking back, being a fan was the nicest thing he could've done at that point. I thanked him for it with a kiss on the cheek. I could tell he really liked it, but I never bothered to tell him that my lipstick left a smudge.

With that I headed to my cart, which had been smashed by the Ursa Minor. Damage report: The folding stage is broken, along with the cart's wheels, which is a huge inconvenience. So I can't move most of my show supplies. I decided to just take the essentials (like my hat, cape, and some balls that I use in most of my acts. Swallowing my pride, I asked a local to hold onto the rest of my things for a while until I got the cart fixed, which I would have done the next day, but I had to be on my way to Canterlot for the show.

On my way out of town, who do I see but one of the humans I met yesterday. His name was Franklin. I spoke my mind about how I was humiliated just to make the main character look good. Franklin was very apologetic and claimed that he wasn't the one who wrote the script for the episode and had quit the HPIRT. He wanted to come with me to Canterlot, since he had nothing better to do. He couldn't go back home because one of the pony's ended up taking away the laptop. The laptop was their key.

So I have my hat, cape, and a bag to take to Canterlot. I'm writing this on the road and dead tired, with Franklin as a companion. Fortunately, nopony (albeit us) will be on the roads at this ungodly hour, so Franklin won't be seen by anypony. We haven't been on the road long, but Franklin and I are already friends. He's

*Note: I fell asleep in the middle of writing this."

For a brief moment, Inkblot looked up at Franklin, who was fiddling around with a pencil he had pulled from his pocket earlier while he looked at a tiny little box that resembled a miniature version of the laptop. This guy had become Trixie's friend over the last few days. While it was inappropriate for the current situation, he intended to ask what Trixie said about him. Inkblot turned the page.

"September 3, 2010

Am I glad we made it to the Comfy Stable and at least got some sleep. I had to take a room, and Franklin had to sleep outside. Of course I felt bad for kicking the new friend outside, but he explained that he can't feel discomfort in the form he was in. It was a long explanation of how his body was really in an alternate dimension and how he could go into some hibernation or something. I didn't really care.

Today, I looked around the regal city of Canterlot. Very sophisticated to say the least. Of course I've been here numerous times, but it's almost always changing. In fact, I was glad to see my friend Hearth still in business. We caught up for a while, but I couldn't stay long. I had to get work started on my new trick.

I figured that since the Royal Theatre is the biggest performance I will ever face, so I got the chance to create my own trick using my own memory. It creates a huge cloud. On that cloud, whatever is in my memories is projected onto the cloud. Franklin says it looks very realistic, so it should wow the audience.

Although, I figured that it was a good idea to make whatever was projected onto the screen, part of my performance. So I spent a good while walking around talking to myself. I'm sure anypony watching me would've gotten a laugh. So I had to be quick.

I decided to show off the high quality of my memory to the Royal Theatre, so I went to the side of a cliff where you could see all of Equestria. But while I was over looking the cliff, I saw something strange. I saw Inkblot, seemeingly running for his life. Then I saw that I was being chased by Hopkins, one of the humans I met! Inkblot had the laptop! By instinct, I used my magic to destroy the bridge behind him, cutting off Hopkins. I guess thats what he gets for ruining my reputation.

I talked to Franklin about what to do with Inkblot. He recommended to take the laptop and his memory. He said that if he had the laptop for too long, he would be killed (the idea that the HPIRT killed ponies was a shock to me). I've come up with a plan to take away his memory before it's too late. I'll write it down here.

First, I'll need to meet with Hearth. Inkblot's already asleep for the night outside, so Hearth will have the honors of waking him up. He'll offer him his hospitality, giving him a room that I'll pay for. Then Hearth will send him to the Comfy Stable Diner with his card, which is expired. He'll go to the diner, where I'll make a scene. Inkblot, who has a crush on me, will stick up for me while it's revealed to him that the card is expired. He won't have any reason to stay, so I'll invite him to my hotel room, where Franklin will leave memory suppressant. I'll slip the suppressant into his drink. Before he's rushed to the hospital, Franklin will take the laptop and get home.

When Inkblot wakes up, he'll be in the hospital wing. I'll be there with him. I'll tell him that he came to Canterlot to see my show. I'll leave out the details about him running from Hopkins and taking out the bridge. I'll tell him that he lost his memory from a spell I tried. I'll tell him I tried the memory thing, then, impressed, he asked me to try the trick on him. It messed up, and took out a bit of his memory. Easy as that. Then he'll go over to Hearth, who'll greet him as a friend and give him a nice place to rest.

Well, the plan seems simple enough. Tomorrow, I'll execute it, hoping for the best."

Even though Inkblot knew the fate of her plan, he anxiously flipped the page, ready to expose more of this mystery.

"September 4, 2010

I have no memory of what happened over the last few days, and the remnants of my memory have been saved by this diary. After reading over this at least ten times, sometimes believing it to be a practical joke, I've accepted what is going on and I am, to an extent, caught up.

Apparently, the plan mentioned before was a failure, because my memory's gone and not Inkblot's. Maybe I put the suppressant in the wrong drink, because Inkblot's story matches the plan of me taking him to my room and such. Everything else apparently went according to plan.

So I woke up today in the hospital bed in the middle of the day. I'm sure something interesting happened earler today, but I can't remember. Anyway, instead of Inkblot seeing me when he woke up, I saw him when I woke up. The doctor told me he had been waiting for a long time. Four hours! If it wasn't obvious that he liked me before, it was now. We had a really good day, talking, and eating dinner together. I always saw him as cute, but today made me feel a little different about him. Maybe something a little more...

Anyway, after Inkblot left, Franklin managed to sneak into my hospital room. I'd met him before, but I didn't remember, so it was like our first meeting, but easier for Franklin. He filled me in with any details not written in this diary, which was a help.

Well, the nurse says I have to stay here until tomorrow morning to rest, and I need to keep magic to a minimum for a while. I guess I'll have to, then. Tomorrow, I set off to wherever I need to go!"

Turning the page like a bookworm absorbed in his favorte book, Inkblot moved on, docking his questions for later and focusing entirely on the book. He did, however, notice the sound of Franklin writing on a sheet of paper.

"September 5, 2010

This will be the last entry in my diary. I've caused something so bad that I couldn't forgive myself if I tried. I guess I should start with the morning.

I woke up to learn that the HPIRT captured Hearth in the middle of the night last night. I immediately asked Franklin where he could be held. He told me about an HPIRT Canterlot Headquarters that was inside a salon (Note: The password for getting in is "Do you have a little filly/colt's room with a clean seat?" The attendant will simply laugh and press a button to open an elevator in the back. Strange password if you ask me). I visited the Headquarters to try to get him out, but to no avail. They said he would be killed soon.

I vented to Franklin about my problems at hand (Franklin didn't mind. He was understanding). Feeling bad for me, he told me of a Power Leaf Mixture that was occasionally made for worst case scenarios. The Power Leaf mixture enhances the ability of the memory suppresant, making it so strong, it gives the subject complete amnesia. Not a single memory of who they are, where they came from, and in my case, what they did. It was my way of getting out of the HPIRT mess forever.

Later that day, I got some Power Leaves, which they store conveniently in the headquarters. While I was there, I learned that tomorrow, Hopkins will come to the HQ to "pass off the captured pony, then his famous interrogation". I assume it to be as horrible as it sounds.

Turns out making the Power Leaf mixture is slightly more difficult than expected. I have to crush them into tiny pieces in order for it to be effective, so I'll get the memory wipe tomorrow. And I'm taking them out with me, too. I'll take all of their memory eraser so that they'll be crippled. And either way, if it topples them entirely, I won't know about it.

Tonight, I change my mane color and style. I will get my entire coat dyed a new color, including painting over my old cutie mark and tattooing a new one on. I'll change my name, and write myself a note, telling myself who I am. I will cease to be the Great and Powerful Trixie. After tonight, she will be gone, and I will rise from her ashes as a new pony. I will not disclose what my new name is to anypony! It would ruin the point of the memory loss itself.

So long. Tomorrow, I will sign into the computers as ID4672 one last time, and then be gone from this persona. I was greedy enough to join a murderous organization for fame, and somepony else paid the price.

Goodbye to all who read. I retire my show uniform, and send it to somepony who'll keep it religiously. I will have this diary sent to Inkblot, so he knows the truth about my experience, and my feelings about him. Do not search for me.

-The Great and Powerful Trixie"

And that was the last page. Inkblot closed the diary. He expected an endless stream of questions to drown his mind, but he was surprised to see that there were only few questions for him to ask.

"So, Franklin, it looks like you knew Tri-" Inkblot stopped talking when he saw the human wasn't there. He looked around the entire room, but there was no sign of Franklin.  In his place was a short note. Tired of reading, he reluctantly picked up the note and read it aloud, struggling to read his rushed handwriting.

"'Sorry to leave on...guch short?....SUCH short notice. But there's an emergency. The IV is running low and I have to make sure Hopkins doesn't take it all. Great to meet you."

Well, the solitude was helpful. It helped make everything he learned sink in...

...but it was 2 in the morning. Despite his sleeping in that morning, he was still wiped out, and as much as this new information wanted to pester him to stay awake, Inkblot knew that he would fall asleep the second his head touched the pillow. He knew that fatigue clouded his judgement, so any conclusions made at that time would seem ridiculous the next morning. Either way, he would still have the diary the next morning.

With that, he hid away the diary in the same drawer as the laptop and quickly drifted to rest.
I hav no idea hao long dis fik gon b
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